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Known for assisting in metabolism maintenance and proper digestion, Triphala is a blend of three different fruits that have been used for centuries in Ayurveda. This formulation of three fruits is thought to be more potent and effective than taking these ingredients individually.

Our Triphala Transcendent Elixir works to support digestive health and the elimination of toxins. One of the most important things to know about Triphala is that it’s meant to nourish and cleanse the digestive and elimination systems, meaning that even through detox, essential nutrients will not be stripped away.

Due to the antioxidants that Triphala contains, it’s believed that this blend has abundant anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have found that diets high in antioxidants can have a number of positive health effects. Many believe that Triphala can also assist in weight loss.

Ingredients: Organic Hydro-ethyl extract, Supercritical CO2 Extract and wildcrafted mineral ash of Triphala extract – Amalaki fruit (Phyllanthus embilica), Bibhitaki fruit (terminalia bellrica), Haritaki fruit (terminalia chebula). Other ingredients include: Alkaline Water, Organic Grape Alcohol (20% by volume), 40+ AHF Western Australian Bio-Active Marri Honey.

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