Timeless Teaching of Guru Zuzu (Tony Broadbent)


Guru Zuzu may have had paws, whiskers, and shiny black fur, but as Eckhart Tolle wrote, “I’ve lived with many zen masters, all of them cats.” If you live with a cat, you live with a teacher, one that watches your every move. When author Tony Broadbent began observing his cat Zuzu in all her daily wanderings, he found she led him to new pathways of thought, new insights, and an unexpected trove of wisdom.

In tribute to the beloved little Bombay pussycat he took as his teacher, Tony has collected some of the teachings of Guru Zuzu into this enchanting little book. He has coupled them with illustrations that celebrate all cats, in the simple hope that you may delight in them too. And perhaps, as he did, also find some small measure of enlightenment for the way ahead.


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Tony Broadbent

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