The Wisdom of Unicorns


Unicorns are everywhere. From Lime Crime hair dye to glittery iPhone cases, from Silicon Valley tech start-ups to that guy you just can’t seem to catch on Tinder. The “unicorn” is a mystical creature that taps into our culture’s love of being unique, magnifique, and just unattainable enough to be alluring.

Take this trend and pair it with the millennial hunger for a spiritual connection to something in this world, and you have The Wisdom of Unicorns. Channel this creature’s magical essence, pair it with mindfulness, and you have a powerful form of energy to harness and use as a guiding light through tough times or everyday dilemmas.

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Joules Taylor


Instead of dwelling in the bog of negativity, Ascension is living at a high frequency. Sometimes referred to as the Fifth Dimension, a state of flow, or simply "your best life," this state of being is where synchronicity happens, intentions manifest easily, and you feel in sync with Source. How do you ascend? Love.


Explore deeper knowing and your connection to the earth by calling on the energies around you. Tap into the rich history of spellcraft, shamanism, alchemy, and others. Mystical is one of our 13 metaphysical modalities. We represent it in our logo with the dragonfly icon. Subcategories under Mystical include Alchemy, Spellcraft, Shamanism, Dreamwork, Shadow Work, Psychic Abilities, and Mystical Creatures.

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