The Secret


Rhonda Byrne invites us to embark upon our own journey of self discovery as she retells the story of her own. In The Secret, she explains the law that is governing our lives and offers us understanding of how to  create a joyful life both simply and with intention.

Enjoy this transformational read and experience the revelation that so many have become enamored by.

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Rhonda Byrne


It takes practice, patience, and self-compassion to quiet the mind and live in the moment. Like a toolbox for enlightenment, this modality includes many different techniques for living your best life, from the power of thought to yoga and meditation. Mindfulness is one of the 13 metaphysical modalities we offer at GWBW. We represent this modality on our logo with the butterfly. Subcategories under Mindfulness include intuition, intention, inspirational, guide words, meditation, visualization, mantras, and gratitude.

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