The Science of Mind Wisdom Cards


Beautifully designed deluxe card decks that capture the feel and essence of three of Tarcher’s bestselling works by Julia Cameron, Napoleon Hill, and Ernest Holmes (with more to come in subsequent publishing seasons). Each deck has 64 four-color cards that contain excerpts and affirmations. Perfect gifts that offer daily inspiration, guidance, and wellness.

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Ernest Holmes


Since ancient times, humans have looked to divination to help choose their best path forward. Translate messages from the universe using tools like tarot, numerology, and palmistry, among others. On our logo, this modality is represented by the blue flowers. Divination is one of the 13 metaphysical modalities we offer at GWBW. Under the Divination modality, subcategories include tarot, oracles, runes, numerology, palmistry, and astrology.

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