The Power of Surrender


For nearly twenty years, Judith Orloff has witnessed the transformative effects of surrender on the health and moods of her patients–as well as herself. What does surrender really mean? According to Judith, “the grace of letting go at the right moment, the ability to accept what is, to exhale and flow downstream with the cycles of life instead of battling them or anxiously brooding.” While surrender is difficult for us–especially in our super-connected world where emails and text messages constantly interrupt flow–it can be the magical factor that removes roadblocks, allows you to achieve your goals, and makes it easier to experience ongoing happiness. With her unique approach to physical, emotional, and spiritual health–marrying neuroscience, psychiatry, intuitive medicine, energy techniques, and more–Judith provides a powerful and accessible road map for anyone who feels stuck, fearful, defensive, or afraid to let go.

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Judith Orloff MD


It takes practice, patience, and self-compassion to quiet the mind and live in the moment. Like a toolbox for enlightenment, this modality includes many different techniques for living your best life, from the power of thought to yoga and meditation. Mindfulness is one of the 13 metaphysical modalities we offer at GWBW. We represent this modality on our logo with the butterfly. Subcategories under Mindfulness include intuition, intention, inspirational, guide words, meditation, visualization, mantras, and gratitude.

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