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The Life of the Buddha


Over 2,000 years ago, a young Indian prince named Siddhartha was born into a sheltered life of luxury. One day he ventured beyond the palace walls and came face-to-face with the sufferings of the world for the first time. Realizing how his luxury had blinded him, he gave up his status, all his possessions, and vowed to find a way to save everyone from misfortune. Siddhartha wandered for years as a beggar before coming to a large tree by a flowing river. Here he resolved to meditate until he found an answer to why bad things happened. He succeeded and found peace, awakening as the Buddha.

Today there are millions of Buddhists living all over the globe who are guided by the Buddha’s teachings on wisdom, love, and compassion. In The Life of the Buddha, the Buddha’s entire life story is told to younger audiences for the first time through twenty-two magical watercolor paintings by artist Tara di Gesu. This inspiring story of a prince who changed the course of history will captivate parents and children interested in the original act of compassion that inspired Buddhism.

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