Herbal Arts

The Gift of Healing Herbs


The Gift of Healing Herbs guides and inspires readers to explore more than 180 herbal remedies and home recipes for health, whether they simply want to know how to disinfect a wound without using chemical antibiotics or they wish to delve into the meaning and mystery of health and healing. Author Robin Rose Bennett encourages readers to discover the personal, symbolic story that always lies underneath manifestations of illness.

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Robin Rose Bennett

Herbal Arts

Herbs are magical plants that are all around us, here to aid our physical and emotional well-being. Listen to the healing whispers of our friends from nature. Herbal Arts is one of our 13 metaphysical modalities. We represent it in our logo with the bee icon. Subcategories under Herbal Arts include Western Herbs, Eastern Herbs, Plant Medicine, Wildcrafting, Flower Essences, Gardening, and Homeopathy.

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