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The End of Karma


The End of Karma is written for anyone ready to take a quantum leap in their spiritual growth. Practical, uncomplicated, and masterful, this precious little gem of a book transports you effortlessly into the realm of spirit and soul. By reading only one chapter a day of its lovely poetic verse and then reflecting on it, you’ll move from traveling on the all-too-often bumpy highway of fate to the smooth royal road of your ultimate destiny: always living in tune with your Higher Power, the God within you. Spirituality has become too complicated. It’s been made far too philosophical and intellectual. In reality, God is within you; and you have the right to experience that peace, happiness, and joy while living on Earth in the here-and-now, regardless of your circumstances in life.
The End of Karma will awaken that truth within you. Remove the mystery from your life. Discover and live your dharma, and start ending your karma today.

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Dharma Singh Khalsa M.D.