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Teardrop Essential Oil Diffuser


Subtle enough to blend in, beautiful enough to stand out.
Make your house a healthy home! Experience the countless benefits of essential oils while making your space look great with this chic porcelain diffuser. Designed by interior designer Lindsey Goddard, this piece is made from the finest materials and can work with your existing space’s decor while filling the room with pleasant, healing scents.


Beautifully crafted porcelain diffuser designed out of the highest quality materials
Three timing settings; 4-Hour continuous run-time, 8 hour intermittent run-time or timer
Automatically shuts off when low on water to give you peace of mind
Optional soft white light to create the perfect nighttime vibe
90mL water tank capacity
What’s Included:

Ultrasonic diffuser with Porcelain cover
Measuring Cup
Power Cord
1-Year warranty
Set of coordinating vases (Optional)

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Body Vessel

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Essential Oils

Essential oils are magical vials of earth potion with the power to work on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Learn to banish monsters from under the bed and feel at peace in the storm by growing your knowledge of this fragrant healing art. Essential Oils is one of our 13 metaphysical modalities. We represent the Essential Oil modality in our logo with the ladybug icon. Subcategories under Essential Oils include Essential Oil Deck, Sprays, Roll-Ons, Diffusers, and DIY Recipes.

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