Sugilite Spirallo Ring by Mercurious Designs


Sugilite is a rare crystal with many beneficial metaphysical properties. This powerful stone calls in the Violet Flame of Purification, helping you cleanse your auric field, release toxic influences, and erects a shield of light around you. Sugilite activates the heart and mind, assisting you in finding your life’s passion, as well as working with dreams and psychic messages. This captivating sterling silver Spirallo ring by Mercurious Designs comes in size 8.

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Crystals are friends from the earth; they guide us, heal us, and protect us. We place them under our pillow for a restful night’s sleep, or in our pocket to attract love. Awaken your connection to your crystal allies. Crystals is one of the 13 metaphysical modalities we offer at GWBW. We represent the Crystal modality with the stars icon. Subcategories under this modality include crystal journals, stones, grids, crystal elixirs, protection, and jewelry.

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