Rose & Phantom Quartz Mala


Love and wisdom combine in this beautiful Rose Quartz & Phantom Quartz hand-knotted mala. Rose Quartz resonates with the Heart chakra and love in all its many forms, while captivating Phantom Quartz bears ancient wisdom just waiting to connect with us today.

  • Hand-knotted
  • Total of 108 Rose Quartz and Phantom Quartz beads (8mm)
  • 22″ long

About Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is essential to any crystal collection. This “Stone of Love” is one of the most powerful of the crystal energies. It helps calm the mind and release anxiety, as well as move beyond past emotional trauma. Above all, Rose Quartz fosters the ability to share, receive, and radiate love for oneself and others.

About Phantom Quartz

This mysterious form of Clear Quartz is uncommon and powerful. Phantom Quartz gets its name from ghost-like mineral formations that grow inside the crystal. Each fascinating Phantom Quartz has its own story and bears ancient wisdom gained over hundreds of thousands of years. This crystal helps us process, learn from, and release past trauma. It contains profound insight, spiritual powers, and antidepressant capabilities.

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