Body Vessel

Pyrite & Matte Onyx Gold Tassel Mala Necklace


Here at GWBW we affectionately call this the “Power Mala” and reach for it whenever someone needs extra grounding and clarity. Eminence meets elegance in this beautiful mala necklace. Gleaming Pyrite brings a sense of reflection and good fortune, while Black Matte Onyx improves intuition and inner strength. Gold lotus flower beads & tassel add a regal touch for this unmatched piece of wearable art. 38″ in length with a gold chain tassel.


  • Onyx: endurance, perseverance, grounding
  • Pyrite: reflection, prosperity, clarity
  • Mala length: 38″ long
  • Additional material: 18kt gold-plated brass beads with lotus symbol

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