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Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder


Lion’s Mane mushroom is a powerful adaptogen once reserved for royalty due to its reputation of supporting and aiding in our cognitive health. One of the main components that makes Lion’s Mane so special is the NGF, or Nerve Growth Factor, that is contained in the compounds of the mushroom. NGF plays an important role in neuroplasticity and has been shown to aid in neurodevelopment. It’s believed that increased levels of NGF in the brain can decrease inflammation, increase neural growth and improve overall cognitive function.

Lion’s Mane is reputed to enhance short and long-term memory and reasoning while protecting the brain and improving general performance. In addition, it may aid in decreasing anxiety and depression, improve circulatory and cardiac system functioning, assist in digestion and increase overall mental health and wellbeing.

This organically grown Lion’s Mane Mushroom powder may support:

  • Memory
  • Mental Clarity
  • Enhanced Concentration
  • Nervous System
  • Athletic Recovery
  • Balanced Mood

Ingredients: Organic, U.S.-grown, full-spectrum Lion’s Mane Mushroom (fruit, body, spores, and extracellular compounds produced throughout the entire life cycle)

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