Octopus & Larimar Necklace Pendant


This captivating handcrafted pendant honors one of those most intelligent ancient species on earth. With its ability to change color, imitate other species, use tools, and and more, the octopus is a powerful animal to wield on your totem. Clutched in the tentacles of the ancient and wise octopus is Larimar, a stone that resonates with the Water element and a wonderful ally for clarity, intuition, and balance.

About Larimar

Beautiful Larimar, known as the Dolphin Stone, is a rare variety of Pectolite, found only in the Dominican Republic. This soothing stone relieves stress, enhances communication and courage, and helps you step into your personal power. If it is tranquility you seek, look no further than calming, balancing Larimar.

  • Chakra: Throat
  • Zodiac: Taurus, Leo
  • Element: Water
  • Energetics: Communication, yin, balance, willpower, stress relief

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