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My First Classical Music (Audio Collection)


A brilliant introduction to classical music, and a joy to listen to.

All ten audio cards available in the “My First…” Classical Music series by Yoto. Adults and children alike will enjoy this (re)introduction to some of the most beloved classical music composers and sub-genres from throughout history. A real audio treat for the whole family.

The card pack includes:

  1. My First Classical Music Album
  2. My First Orchestra Album
  3. My First Christmas Album 
  4. My First Violin Album 
  5. My First Beethoven Album 
  6. My First Mozart Album 
  7. My First Tchaikovsky Album 
  8. My First Lullaby Album
  9. My First Ballet Album 
  10. My First Piano Album 


  • Artist: Various artists
  • Content type: Music
  • Collection of 10 audio cards

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