My Essential Oil Friends Card Deck $19.95


These quirky cards bring the characters of essential oils to life in a way you won’t forget! Chef Benzoin, popstar Jasmine Absolute, and the ever-dapper Chamomile are just some of the characters you’ll meet in this interactive deck. Designed to help beginners learn the characteristics of essential oils, these cards will make it easier to choose the oil you need.

Each of the 77 essential oil cards features a character illustration and description, spot for a scent sticker, common and latin names, plant parts, uses, and chakra association. This deck was made for children ages 5-16 in mind but people of all ages will learn from and enjoy this exclusive GWBW product.

Soft-touch box includes 77 essential oil cards (1 card per essential oil), with custom illustrations, plus instructional card, letter from founder, and scent stickers to add oil.


  • 100% eco-friendly materials
  • Made in the USA
  • Soft-touch storage box

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