Manifest Abundance Starter Kit


This hand-curated starter kit by GroWise Be Well is perfect for anyone seeking to enhance their manifesting powers. Each kit features some of our favorite, must-have products to super-charge abundance, intention-setting, and manifestation abilities.

At a value of $275 for just $150 (plus free shipping!), this is an ideal gift for yourself or others.

The Manifest Abundance Starter Kit Includes:

Abundance & Prosperity Crystal Grid ~ Crystal grids take the energy of crystals, sacred geometry, and your intentions and amplifies and focuses those forces. This kit includes everything needed to create your own crystal grid for manifesting abundance.

The Power of Intention, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ~ Dr. Dyer has researched intention as a universal force through which creation takes place. This book explores intention, not as something you do, but as an energy you’re a part of.

Clear Quartz Generator Point ~ Hand-selected by GWBW for its amplifying powers, this six-sided Clear Quartz point from Brazil is ideal for beaming intentions to the Universe. 

Monthly Manifestation Journal, by School of Life Design ~ Make a deliberate practice of creating your life experience with your thoughts and you will gain noticeable mental stamina, agility, and acuity. 

Abundance Ritual Kit ~ This kit encourages you to create clear and vibrant energy and your own sacred space wherever you find yourself.

Beeswax Aromatherapy Candle: “Blessing” ~ 100% pure beeswax with Lemongrass, Sage, and Ginger essential oils, eco-friendly dyes, and a lead-free cotton wick for a pillar candle that’s strengthening and gently stimulating.

Pyrite ~ Pyrite is an excellent crystal for manifestation, as it naturally attracts abundance and enhances one’s energy, inspiration, and endurance.

“Stream of Success” Aura Mist ~ This essential oil mist from Kate’s Magik was designed to help radiate the joy needed to attract the rewards we deserve and manifest the energy of success in our endeavors. Aroma profile: Grounding, wise Cedarwood with radiant Red Mandarin. 

The Law of Attraction Card Deck, by Esther & Jerry Hicks ~ These cards are a gentle guide for you to correct and direct your thoughts to more positivity and abundance.

**Note: Slight variation in item(s) received may result due to inventory changes.

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