Lightly Salted Wrapped Cashews $9.99


The best roasted cashews on the planet!

Karma Nuts was founded by Ganesh Nair, who married his Masters in Health Science & Technology from MIT and 10+ years of diabetes care work with his family’s deep legacy in the cashew business. After decades of proliferation in sugary snacks and fried junk food, he saw an opportunity to develop an alternative to the oil-fried cashews that were normally seen on supermarket shelves.

In 2014 Karma Nuts introduced a line of minimally processed cashews, including the Wrapped® cashew (the most delectable, crunchy, and nutritionally-dense cashew) which was developed by the Nair family leveraging their 85+ years of experience in the cashew business. In 2016, the Wrapped cashew was recognized as the “Best New Snack” at the world’s largest Natural Products show, Expo West.

Karma Nuts has since developed many flavors of both Wrapped and Roasted (which are the more conventional “skin-less”) cashews, using All-Natural, Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan, and Kosher ingredients and are available through both online and brick & mortar retailers.

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