Body Vessel

Let’s Move (Audio collection)


Get your kids moving with this action-packed audio series!

Stretch, jump, dance and more with these Yoto Original exercise adventures. Join Kangaroo, Giraffe and Polar Bear as they wake up the sun, host a dance competition, wind down with sleepy stretches, and much more. These audio cards have been specially designed to encourage daily movement and exercise in the home or outside. What are you waiting for? Let’s move!

Includes six Yoto Cards, each with their own exercise focus:

  1. Wake Up and Shake it Out – Stretching, shaking and moving all of the body
  2. Stay on the Spot – Running on the spot, jumping and stretches
  3. Relaxing Yoga – Practicing simple yoga poses
  4. Afternoon Energizer – Big movements, party games and dancing
  5. An Animal Dance – Animal movements and simple choreography
  6. Slow and Sleepy Stretches: Gentle stretches to help kids relax


  • Author: Yoto
  • Read by: Katie Burnett; Bec Hill; Homer Todiwala
  • Content type: Activities
  • Collection of 6 audio cards

Yoto Cards are specially designed audio cards to be played on a Yoto Player or Yoto Mini Player. Choose from a wide variety of audio titles in our Yoto Library.

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