Keepsake Silver Necklace Chain


This handcrafted sterling silver chain by Mercurious Designs is worthy of your most treasured pendants. Available in sizes 20” (50 cm), 22” (55 cm), and 24” (60 cm) with a hook and eye clasp and 4 mm thickness, choose between the following three captivating designs.

Dragon Armor

The complex design of this chain evokes dragon scales and is a beautiful way to infuse your day with the strength, power, and majesty of the dragon.

Fish Scales

Designed after the interlocking scales of a fish, this mesmerizing chain design combines the elemental powers of water and metal.

Snake Skin

This particular chain design evokes the transformative power of the snake. Snakes are an ancient talisman and symbolic of regeneration, immortality, and the creative life force.

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