How to Break Up with Your Phone


Today, most of us find it hard to get through a meal or even an elevator ride without wanting to pull out our phones. Yet recent studies have shown that spending extended time on our phones affects our ability to form new memories, think deeply, focus, and absorb what we read–and the hormones that are triggered every time we hear our phones buzz both add to our stress levels and are the hallmark signs of addiction. In How to Break Up with Your Phone, science journalist Catherine Price explores the effects that our constant connectivity is having on our brains, bodies, relationships, and society at large. Then, she walks readers through what she calls the “break-up” period, helping them to identify their goals and priorities, tidy their apps, prune their email, and take time away. Lastly, she shows readers how to create new, healthier relationships with their phones and establish habits and routines to make these new relationships stick. In the end, readers will be more mindful not only of how they use their phones, but also about how they choose to spend the moments of their lives.

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Catherine Price


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