Grounded In Spirituality: Amethyst Feng Shui Tree


Grounded in spirituality, allow your spirit to soar.

If you need to relax and reduce stress, you’re in the right place. The Grounded in Spirituality: Amethyst Stone Feng Shui Tree will help you to release the emotions that aren’t benefiting your spirit…like anxiety! On the other hand, if it’s your  indecisiveness that’s bothering you, there’s really only one choice to make: Amethyst. Let this soothing stone replenish the mind with a sense of clarity and understanding.

At 8″ tall, this Tree of Life features Amethyst leaves hand-wrapped with copper wire on a crystal base.

About the Tree of Life 

  • Growth
  • Deep Grounding
  • Fertility
  • Endurance
  • Maturity
  • Ancient Strength


  • Gently energizing
  • Eases stress
  • Promotes health and vitality
  • Strengthens your ability to make decisions
  • Harmony
  • Temperance

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