Green Fluorite Freeforms


Lovely Fluorite is the “Stone of Learning” as it helps improve memory and decision-making, and brings clarity. This beautiful crystal comes in many colors, and around here at GWBW we’re partial to the swirling green and purple kind known as Rainbow Fluorite, but these Green Fluorite freeforms are truly extraordinary crystal specimens we are delighted to offer. Green Fluorite specifically helps absorb negative energies from the environment, and is highly effective cleanser of auras, chakras, mental fog, and helps one overcome fear of the future. Additionally, the vibrant green hue activates the Heart chakra and aligns the heart and mind to expand awareness, intuition, and ability to absorb new information. Let these gorgeous Green Fluorite freeforms cleanse your environment while helping stir up creativity and self-confidence.

These beautiful polished Green Fluorite freeforms measure approximately 3.75-4.75 inches tall with diameters of 2.5-3 inches. They range in weight from 12 oz-1 lb 7 oz. There are seven forms to choose from: 002A, 002B, 002C, 002D, 002E, 002F, & 002G.

  • Chakra: Heart, Clears All
  • Zodiac: Pisces, Libra, Capricorn
  • Element: Wind
  • Energetics: Learning, memory, concentration, self-confidence
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