Great Serpent & Crystal Ring


The great serpent slithers into view as a powerful symbol of transformation and creative Kundalini life-force. Evocative of the ancient oroboros, let this coiled piece entrance your finger and coax you into shedding old skins in favor of rebirth, immortality and healing.

This incredibly detailed, handcrafted, sterling silver ring takes its potent symbolism to the next level by coiling around either the meteoritic Moldavite, or a shimmering faceted Garnet.

About Moldavite

Moldavite, with its extraterrestrial origin as a meteor, is a rare and powerful crystal found only in Czechoslovakia near the Moldau River where a large meteorite struck nearly 15 millions years ago. Moldavite’s intense frequency has the ability to profoundly accelerate the spiritual ascension of those who ready and is very effective in dream work and enhancing psychic abilities. In addition to providing physical and psychic protection, Moldavite helps you discover your true purpose and powers.

About Garnet

Garnet has an ancient history of working with humans and is a very potent crystal for manifestation. All types of garnets carry the energy of prosperity, confidence, and joy. This crystal ally is also beneficial for improving health, easing depression, and transmuting negativity into positive energy.

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