Floral Cedar Rose Sage Smudge


This ritual smudge kit includes a California White Sage smudge stick with dried Cedar and Rose flowers. Sage measures 3.75-4″. Sage and palo santo sticks are sustainably sourced from ethically trade and harvested farms. Hand-wrapped and dried from Los Angeles.

How to Use:

  • Set the mood & light-up smudge stick.
  • Cleanse yourself with the smoke and immerse yourself into the smoke.
  • Start at the front door of your house. You are going to move from room to room in a counter-clockwise to allow the smoke to reach small spaces.
  • Use a feather or your hand to fan the smoke in all areas.
  • Chant intentions or affirmations as you move around.
  • Open windows and doors to release negative energy.
  • Place your smudge stick in a bowl or shell for future use.

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