Extraordinary Lives (Audio collection)


A collection of incredible and uplifting biographies to inspire the next generation to be extraordinary, too!

Extraordinary Lives is a bold, inclusive biography series shining a light on modern and historical figures. Entertaining, accessible and educational, they are the perfect introductions to these amazing people and their achievements.


Illustrated by Ashley Evans, Sarah Walsh, Alleanna Harris, Maggie Cole and Nan Lawson.

This collection includes:

  1. The Extraordinary Life of Rosa Parks
  2. The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson
  3. The Extraordinary Life of Michelle Obama
  4. The Extraordinary Life of Mary Seacole
  5. The Extraordinary Life of Serena Williams
  6. The Extraordinary Life of Nelson Mandela


  • Author: Various authors
  • Read by: Weruche Opia and Theo Solomon
  • Running time: 5 hours 54 mins
  • Content type: Stories
  • Collection of 6 audio cards

Yoto Cards are specially designed audio cards to be played on a Yoto Player or Yoto Mini Player. Choose from a wide variety of audio titles in our Yoto Library.

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