Body Vessel

GroWise Be Well Etched Grande Water Dispenser – Decanter


Start thinking about water in a whole new way. Where elegance meets functionality and drafting a glass of water from a fountain is more than just stilling your thirst.  Where water comes in a beautiful vessel with a seemingly free-floating vial full of precious gems. Grande Dispenser has an extra-large top opening to make cleaning a breeze, and the stainless steel faucet is leakproof due to its Teflon seal. The diameter at its foot is just 6.9 inches, so it fits right in any kitchen or water bar and holds two gallons of infused GemWater. The Grande Dispenser Decanter comes with faucet and specially designed lid, which holds a large variety of Gemstone Vials, sold separately.

There are numerous benefits of drinking water at room temperature including that it boosts metabolism, helps promote digestion and overall absorption of water. This water dispenser has been etched with GWBW’s tree of life logo and is certainly a team favorite product that keeps us hydrated all day long.

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