“Delphi” High-Frequency Crystal & Talisman Wand


The super-charged Delphi wand evokes the channeling power, wisdom, and connection to the Divine Feminine that made the Oracles at Delphi renowned throughout time.

Just over 15” long, Mercurious Designs wrapped the Delphi in a brass bubbles motif and embedded protective talismans, all in sterling silver, including two Eye of Horus, two Ankhs, two pentacles, and one Hamsa, Sri Yantra, and Celtic inspired cross. The Delphi also features a Moldavite, Moonstone, Sugilite, Labradorite, and Fire Opal. What really takes this intention-infused wand to the next level is the Citrine point on one end and the beautiful Amethyst Spirit Quartz at the other end.

Comes in a custom cushioned box.

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