Crystal Mindfulness


Have you heard about mindfulness and want to practice it but find it challenging? Perhaps you need something more to help with your practice? Crystals can help with this by anchoring you in the present moment to help you to enjoy a quiet mind. Gazing into the depths of a crystal offers you instant clarity and stillness of mind. Crystals provide a point of soft focus. They help you to stay attentively in the present moment without judging it or needing to it to change. As they have been around for millions of years, they see the passing of time merely as the blink of eye and assist you to do the same. Divided into three parts; the introduction covers; what is mindfulness, how it works, and its benefits and how crystals can help. In Part 1, Judy looks at specific topics that might be relevant to your mindfulness practice such as, staying grounded, becoming centered, shutting off the chattering mind and acceptance. And finally part 2 features a comprehensive crystal mindfulness directory featuring 25 beautifully photographed crystals. Each crystal has an exercise for a specific purpose as well as other features to help with guiding your practice, including keywords, a description of that crystals qualities, an entry on specifically how the featured crystal can help with mindfulness and a crystal reflection. At the simplest level, you can flick through the pages in the Guide until a picture catches your eye and work with the crystal as suggested. Or, you can target your crystal mindfulness practice more specifically. All you have to do is select the heading that’s appropriate for you. Tune into the crystal and the magic will happen.

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Judy Hall