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Cordyceps Sinensis Extract Powder


Cordyceps Sinensis is an elite tonic herb that promotes longevity, vitality, endurance and performance. Revered for enhancing yang (which kindles energy and motivation), Cordyceps helps the body fight against inflammation, infection, and many look to it for help recovering from illness and periods of stress. Studies increasingly show what herbalists and healers have long known: Cordyceps is a uniquely potent antioxidant to protect the liver, kidney, and lungs; support the thyroid; fuel energy; ignite the libido; build endurance; and promote longevity.

This Cordyceps (CS-4) by Root & Bones is grown via liquid fermentation and is dual extracted via water and alcohol.

About Root & Bones

Root & Bones offer only the purest and most potent broad-spectrum adaptogenic superherb powders.  They rigorously test their herbs to be free from yeasts, molds, heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides, and have third-party lab reports to prove their purity. Their therapeutic-grade, nutrient-dense, and bioavailable products are formulated to help counteract the effects of modern physical, emotional, and environmental stress, nurturing vitality, balance, and longevity.

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