Clear Quartz Crystal Bowl 000


Connect with Clear Quartz power in a new way.

Shaped from genuine Brazilian Clear Quartz, this bowl is a beautiful, effective, and convenient way to work with the cleansing and amplifying abilities of Clear Quartz.

Place small objects or other crystals within the bowl to clear them energetically. Store crystal earrings, bracelets, or other metaphysical jewelry in your bowl to keep them physically and energetically safe. Write your intention on a slip of paper and place it inside the bowl to be broadcasted to the Universe. These are just some of the ways this lovely bowl can bring Clear Quartz into your daily life. We can’t wait to see how you use it.


This Clear Quartz bowl was hand selected by GWBW. You will receive the exact one pictured here.

  • 13.8 oz
  • 4.25 inches diameter

While we strive to be as accurate as possible when recording weight and measurements, these details may not be exact. 


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