Chinese Dragon Pendant with Pietersite or Kyanite


These incredible handcrafted pendants are powerful, not only in looks but also energetically. Inspired by Chinese Fu Lions, revered Imperial guardians, this stunning dragon pendant is imbued with protective energies of mythic proportions. A rare Pietersite or dream-enhancing Kyanite polished stone hangs from this sterling silver, handcrafted dragon pendant, which was made with intention by Mercurious Designs.

About Pietersite

This rare variety of Chalcedony (in the Quartz family) has storm-like swirls. Pietersite is a high-vibration crystal that is particularly beneficial for psychic or intuitive work. It also helps unlock creative solutions to difficult problems, enhances self-confidence, and is a valuable ally for energy healing. By activating the Solar Plexus chakra it puts you in touch with the source of your power, and the Third Eye chakra opens you up to higher guidance and wisdom.

About Kyanite

Kyanite is a wonderful crystal ally for making connections, assisting in negotiations, and overcoming blockages of all kinds. This beautiful crystal is wonderful for attuning to higher dimensions, recalling dreams, and finding clarity in stressful situations. Kyanite gently balances yin and yang and dispels negativity. Once it clears that negative energy, Kyanite does not hold on to that frequency, so it never needs to be cleansed.

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