Ceramic Abalone Smudge Disk with 22k Gold


Enjoy the beauty and tradition of the Abalone shell to hold your smudge sticks but in an ethical, sustainable way with this gorgeous, 22k gold-rimmed ceramic dish.

Handcrafted by Karacotta Ceramics in Austin, TX, this ocean-inspired Abalone dish is ideal for incense or smudge stick rituals, as a jewelry dish, or as tabletop catch-all. The porcelain clay is finished in a custom blend of four glazes with hand-painted 22k gold edges.

  • Food safe
  • Gentle hand-washing recommended
  • Do not microwave and avoid temperature shock
  • Variance in appearance may occur
  • Approximate Dimensions: 5″ Length, 3.5″ Width, 1″ Depth
  • Made by Karacotta Ceramics in the USA

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