Burst of Courage: Tiger’s Eye Feng Shui Tree


Carve out some “me” time to awaken your inner self and live joyfully. You are the master.

Enchanted by the most energetic stones, The “Burst of Courage” Tiger Eye Feng Shui Tree will give you the long-awaited mixture of vitality and courage for the things you always craved to do or achieve. Once you unleash your mind from the chains of fear, this artisan tree will help your self-esteem flourish.

At 6″ tall, this Tree of Life features Tiger’s Eye leaves hand-wrapped with copper wire on a geode base.

About the Tree of Life 

  • Growth
  • Deep Grounding
  • Fertility
  • Endurance
  • Maturity
  • Ancient Strength

Tiger’s Eye 

  • Courage
  • Balance
  • Protection

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