Black Tourmaline & Shungite Harmonizer Pair


A harmonizer is a set of two crystal cylinders energetically paired to each other. The cylinder shape fits comfortably in your palm and, when used in meditation or while at rest, are a powerful way to interact with crystal energy. With a history stretching back to ancient Egypt, for centuries crystal harmonizers have helped enhance energy, balance emotions, and cleanse the body of blockages. Crystals often used in harmonizers include Tourmaline, Shungite, Selenite, and Charoite. Black Tourmaline and Shungite pair together for a set that is grounding, clearing, and promotes vitality. Selenite harmonizers increase clarity, peace, and protection, while Charoite is powerfully transformative.

This pair comes with one Black Tourmaline cylinder and one Shungite cylinder. Each one is approximately 4″ tall and 1.25″ diameter. Your unique pair may not be identical to those in the image. 

How to Use

Sit comfortably with your legs uncrossed, both feet on the floor. Hold one cylinder in each hand and rest your arms on your legs. Close your eyes and quiet your mind as energy gently courses from one palm to the other.


Yin is associated with the left and yang the right. To balance yin-yang, hold Tourmaline, the black cylinder, in your left hand, and the grey Shungite cylinder in your right hand.

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