A Tibetan Verb Lexicon


This second edition is the only published verb lexicon for classical Tibetan and an invaluable tool for all students and scholars of Tibetan language. With over 500 pages of the most frequently used Tibetan verbs along with their various verb forms, there is no comparable lexical resource available. This is a must-have for any translator, writer, or scholar who intends to maximize the quality of their work related to the Tibetan language.

The updated lexicon is a result of the author’s painstaking and thorough research of data gathered over the course of fifteen years since the publication of first edition. After thoroughly processing available digital text resources, both in Tibetan and in Sanskrit, this lexicon includes various verb forms, English equivalents, Sanskrit equivalents, and example sentences sampled from a wide range of literature. As a result of his linguistic and lexical talents, as well as his care to detail and accuracy, Paul Hackett has provided readers with a comprehensive dictionary of essential Tibetan verbs along with a thorough introduction outlining the language model for Tibetan verbs in terms of verb classes, forms, and functions.

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Paul G. Hackett

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