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About Psychic Abilities

Everyone has intuition. Usually, we receive intuitive messages in the form of an inexplicable gut feeling or a deep certainty we can’t rationally explain. But some people’s intuition expresses itself in very direct and distinct ways, such as a sudden vision of a future event, or a flood of information about an object. People who consistently receive specific and accurate intuitive messages are said to have a psychic ability. Some, but certainly not all, psychic abilities include the following:

Clairvoyance: Meaning “clear seeing,” this is the ability to see something that has not yet occurred

Clairaudience: Meaning “clear hearing,” this is the ability to hear the voices of spirits, animals, and/or other dimensions. Some clairaudient people describe hearing these sounds inside their head, while others describe them as being external.

Clairsentience: Meaning “clear feeling,” this is the ability to experience the emotions or physical sensations of other people or animals (Note: Clairsentience differs from the experience of empaths in that clairsentience is more extreme and includes the ability to perceive the emotions of people in the past and future)

Claircognizance: Meaning “clear knowing,” this is the ability to know something to be true without prior knowledge. Information, ideas, or a solution to a problem just “pop” into the mind.

Retrocognition or postcognition: The ability to describe a past event without prior knowledge

Remote viewing: The ability to see or describe a distant location through extrasensory perceptions

Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate objects without physically interacting with them

Psychometry: The ability to obtain information or perceive the history of a person or object by touch

Telepathy: The ability to share information with someone mentally, and/or the ability to perceive what someone is thinking

Mediumship: The ability to communicate with deceased people and/or spirits

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Instead of dwelling in the bog of negativity, Ascension is living at a high frequency. Sometimes referred to as the Fifth Dimension, a state of flow, or simply “your best [...]

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Body Vessel

Honor your body through healthy nutrition, movement, and other body-loving tools. Move back into your body and create a life with zing.  

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For thousands of years humans have looked to the moon and stars for wisdom. Learning about lunar cycles and star patterns reveals our place in the web of interconnectivity. Align [...]

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Crystals are friends from the earth; they guide us, heal us, and protect us. We place them under our pillow for a restful night’s sleep, or in our pocket to [...]

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Since ancient times, humans have looked to divination to help choose their best path forward. Translate messages from the universe using tools like tarot, numerology, and palmistry, among others.

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Eastern Healing Arts

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and other Eastern Healing Arts have been balancing inner and outer for thousands of years. Embrace Eastern Healing Arts to restore and maintain vibrant health.

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The world is ready for a revolution in education. Our curriculum answers that call by empowering children to be their best in mind, spirit, and body. Go with us on [...]

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Essential Oils

Essential oils are magical vials of earth potion with the power to work on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Learn to banish monsters from under the bed and feel [...]

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Frequency Healing

Sound is the beginning of light and life on earth. Frequency Healing uses sound, the most elemental vibration, to reach your deepest level of being. Tune in to your highest [...]

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Hands-On Healing

From a mother’s touch to a homemade meal, there’s something extra-special about connecting through human hands. Hands are our energetic conduit to others. We hold hands, we pat on the [...]

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Herbal Arts

Herbs are magical plants that are all around us, here to aid our physical and emotional well-being. Listen to the healing whispers of our friends from nature.

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It takes practice, patience, and self-compassion to quiet the mind and live in the moment. Like a toolbox for enlightenment, this modality includes many different techniques for living your best [...]

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Explore deeper knowing and your connection to the earth by calling on the energies around you. Tap into the rich history of spellcraft, shamanism, alchemy, and others.

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