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About Doshas

According to holistic health approach of Ayurveda, universal energy or life force manifests in three different forms of energy, known as the doshas. A person’s constitution is made up of a unique combination of the doshas, although usually one dosha is predominate. Once you understand which dosha you tend towards, you can adjust your habits, food choices, and more to strike a healthy balance in your life and body. The three doshas include:

Vata: Vata is dominated by the air element. They are mentally active and creative with lively imaginations. Unbalanced Vata types can struggle to finish projects and fulfill commitments, and may experience moodiness, cold hands and feet, and dry skin.

Pitta: Pitta is dominated by the fire element. They tend to be passionate, quick learners and natural leaders, and can be quick to blush and sweat. They have strong appetites, are competitive, and can tend towards irritability and may experience inflammation, acne, and loose stools.

Kapha: Kapha is dominated by the earth element. Those of the Kapha type tend to be compassionate, stable, and loyal. They prefer a methodical approach and are naturally strong in body and spirit. An imbalanced Kapha may become unmotivated and stubborn, and may experience a slow metabolism and weight gain.

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Body Vessel

Honor your body through healthy nutrition, movement, and other body-loving tools. Move back into your body and create a life with zing.  

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Since ancient times, humans have looked to divination to help choose their best path forward. Translate messages from the universe using tools like tarot, numerology, and palmistry, among others.

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Eastern Healing Arts

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and other Eastern Healing Arts have been balancing inner and outer for thousands of years. Embrace Eastern Healing Arts to restore and maintain vibrant health.

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Frequency Healing

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Hands-On Healing

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Herbal Arts

Herbs are magical plants that are all around us, here to aid our physical and emotional well-being. Listen to the healing whispers of our friends from nature.

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It takes practice, patience, and self-compassion to quiet the mind and live in the moment. Like a toolbox for enlightenment, this modality includes many different techniques for living your best [...]

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Explore deeper knowing and your connection to the earth by calling on the energies around you. Tap into the rich history of spellcraft, shamanism, alchemy, and others.

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