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About Crystal Elixirs

A crystal elixir is water infused with a crystal and preserved in alcohol or glycerol. The water takes on the vibration and energetic powers of the crystal, and delivers it into your body when you take a small amount of the elixir. This is a wonderful way to attune yourself with crystal energy whenever you need it and wherever you are.

There are two ways to create a crystal elixir, depending on what crystal you choose. Not all crystals are safe to place directly in drinking water and may release minerals or dissolve. For crystals that are safe to drink from, you’d use the “direct method.” For those that may be toxic, you’d use the “indirect method.” The first step to either method, however, is the same: Select a crystal whose energy you’d like to work with. For example, if you’ve been hard on yourself and need to boost your self-love, Rose Quartz, the “Stone of Love,” may be a good choice. Or, maybe you feel like you need an extra dose of protection from negativity and could use help staying grounded. In that case, an elixir made from Black Tourmaline may be a good choice. Once you’ve chosen a crystal based on your need, learn whether it is safe for the direct method or if you should make an elixir according to the indirect method.

Direct Method
Crystals in the quartz family are generally safe for the direct method.

Cleanse your crystal. There are a number of ways to do this. One easy way is to gently wash your crystal under running water and while you do so, imagine cleansing white light rushing over it as well, removing impurities and refreshing the crystal’s energy.

Infuse the water with your crystal. Place your crystal in a glass jar or other vessel and add water. For an extra potent elixir, leave your crystal and water vessel out in the sun or under the moon for a solar or lunar infusion. You’ll just need to strain it through a paper filter or cheesecloth when you bring it back inside. Trust your intuition about how long the crystal needs to rest in the water vessel to infuse the water with its energy.

Make the elixir. Remove the crystal and pour the water into a new jar for storage. Only fill the jar 2/3 full. Fill the remaining 1/3 of the jar with alcohol or glyerol. This is an essential step to preserve the elixir and prevent bacteria from growing in the water. Label and date the jar. This is the “Mother Elixir.”

Take it with you! Fill a small dropper bottle with the mother elixir to carry with you throughout the day. Add a few drops of the mother elixir to your water bottle, glass of water, or tea. It only takes a little bit to transfer the crystal’s energy into your body.

Indirect Method
For crystals you know are not safe for direct contact with drinking water, or for crystals you’re not certain about, use the indirect method of elixir making (you would use this method for Black Tourmaline, for example). The only difference is Step 2. In the indirect method, instead of placing your crystal directly in the water vessel, secure it safely within a sealed jar and place the jar inside the water vessel. The crystal’s energy and vibrations easily pulse beyond the sealed jar to infuse the water. After the water is infused with the crystal’s powers, all the remaining steps are the same.

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