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About Lunar Phases

More than an orb in the sky, the moon is like an elder sister to look up to as it goes through phases similar to ours with grace and confidence. The moon speaks to the tides, the migration of birds, and much more, including the human body. Synching up with the moon’s phases is a beautiful way to step into your manifesting abilities and draw energy from the natural world.

New Moon: Now is the most potent time to set intentions. Write your goals, draw your plans, and feel the feelings of your dreams come true. Words to describe this phase include a fresh start, potential, goal-setting, and dreams.

Waxing: As the moon is growing (or waxing) towards its fullest potential, now is the time of growth and exploration. You may not be able to see them yet but the seeds you planted during the New Moon are gaining strength. Like those seeds, have unwavering faith that there is breakthrough ahead and summon your resources inward and upward.

First Quarter: This phase is when the moon appears like a “half moon” on its way towards full. Whereas the waxing period was about belief, this period is all about action. Do the work, make the moves, and banish the creeping doubts that will inevitably sprout up.

Full Moon: Fully illuminated, whole and on display, this is the apex of the moon’s phases. The full moon is a time for results. Use this high point in the lunar cycle to make the decision you’ve been putting off, let go and move on, celebrate your blessings, and be grateful for all that you have achieved. Many intentions take time to manifest, so don’t be discouraged if yours don’t come to fruition by the first full moon, but when they do actualize on this plane, it often happens during the full moon.

Waning: After the intensity of the full moon, the waning phase is a time to regroup, rest, and reflect. Accept and love yourself all the while settling into the feelings of your intentions come true. This is an especially beneficial time to exchange wisdom with trusted friends and find comfort in the community of those who love you.

Third Quarter: The Third Quarter moon is when the moon is half-full on its way to new. During this phase, resist the urge to give up on your intentions or be lulled away by distractions. This time can be one of crossroads, wherein you have to examine your goals, actions, and choices, and make adjustments as needed.

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