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"The Power of Intention" Podcast Transcript


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Hi, I’m Sarah Southwell, founder of GroWise Be Well, a holistic and inspirational lifestyle company for children of all ages. We are here because of you and for you. GroWise Be Well, empowering you.

Season 1, Episode 4, “The Power of Intention”

Podcast Transcript

[0:00:23.2] Today, I would like to talk to you about the power of intention. I think in today’s market, we see a lot of products and conversation about setting your intentions. I think we may have all at some point or another set new years intentions and maybe some of them came to fruition, maybe some didn’t.

We tend to think of them as wishes or wants, a list of things we come up with that we think would make our lives better. I want to talk to you today and tell you that the power of intention is so much more than a list of wishes, wants, dreams, desires. It is the most powerful force that we are.

We are all connected with Source and we all have the power to create the lives we want and the world we want to live in. All through the power of intention. With that little intro to the power of intention, I want to take us back again to 2002 for some of the listeners that haven’t heard the first podcast where I talk about my journey into learning the tool of power of intention and in 2002 I was suffering from panic disorder due to my cold turkey withdrawals I was under from kicking speed, my addiction to speed.

My thoughts would race. Just race and race. I couldn’t get them to slow down and I then learned of course, there’s an acronym called ANTS. Automatic negative thoughts. I certainly suffered from an invasion of ants in my brain and I needed help with that and so I started researching, how I could get my mind to do what I wanted it to do, I wanted it to be still sometimes and laser focused other times. How could I work with my mind, get a better understanding, a better use of my mind and not let it use me. I started reading Thích Nhất Hạnh, and Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and others. What I learned was that what I think about, I bring about.

[0:03:25.2] That I can be the watcher of my mind as Eckhart Tolle says. I started practicing telling my mind that I didn’t like certain things it was thinking. I wanted to replace those thoughts with things I did want to think. For me, the power of intention started back in 2002 with me creating the intention to think positive, happy, joyful thoughts. To not think thoughts all the time.

To slow the mind and allow it to have peace in the moment. Well, then we fast forward to 2006 and I was suffering from postpartum depression, after the birth of my first child and my best friend at the time, brought me the movie, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I was absolutely moved to tears during that movie. It was the first time I realized that I am the artist of my life.

I’m the creator, I am the one that allows and draws to me everything that happens in my life, I have the power within me to create the life I want. Well, I’m currently reading or should I say, re- reading, Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention and I feel as if I’ve never read it before. It seems like the more I grow and the more I learn, the less I know or remember about what I’ve read.

It seems as if the information is new all over again because I’m reading it through different eyes. The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer is an amazingly encouraging, positive, powerful piece and I encourage you to read all of Wayne Dyer’s pieces. I encourage you to read Deepak Chopra’s and Eckhart Tolle’s and Thích Nhất Hạnh.

[0:05:35.4] I’m not a librarian. I’m not a bookstore owner, although maybe someday I will be, that’s kind of a dream I have for when I’m 85, taught her down to my book store and sell them the most amazingly printed additions of all kinds of books. Anyway, there you go, a little segue. I don’t want to talk to you about the books today. You could go to your bookstore, you can order these books.

You can experience these books for yourself and that’s what I want for you because you should interpret these pieces the way that it makes sense for you. Find the ones that really speak to you.

Today, I want to share with you what intention means to me and what does it is meant to me in my life since I’ve discovered it. I have found the power of intention, my connection with Source to be the most amazing part of my journey. I am truly in the artist’s chair, creating the landscape of a life that I want and every day, I get to choose what’s coming in the next few days, what’s coming in the future and I choose that through my thoughts and that my thoughts drive my actions.

The power of intention is alive in every single one of us, we all have the power. I know it seems scary and it seems like a lot of responsibility to say that you are in charge of how your life goes. And what comes your way. But it’s true. I want to empower all of you to discover your ability to manifest the life you so truly want.

[0:07:19.3] I believe in the goodness of humanity, I believe that the more of us who tap in to our ability to manifest good things in this world, the better the world gets. I know that’s coming too. Because I’m manifesting it. I am doing my part. It will take all of us though, all of us to link together and to create a better tomorrow. That’s really actually the main objective of GroWise Be Well is to get all of us to link together our powers of intention to create the most amazing, positive, joyful world for everyone.

The power of intention for me, I use it of course every month on the new moon. I write my intentions for the coming moon cycle and I read those intentions during the moon cycle. I put them underneath a crystal point so that I can transmit my intentions out into the universe and so that the universe can then send it into the crystal and transmit it back into me and my environment. But I do intentional work every single day.

If I can catch myself, I’m constantly trying to alter my judgmental negative thoughts and kick them out and replace them with positive, loving thoughts. It is a constant effort, I call it a practice because I am literally practicing this every single day multiple times a day. I will hear myself speaking about something and realize that my thoughts and my feelings and my words now, which are so powerful are projecting something I don’t want out into the universe and I have to say, “Oh Sarah, you can’t talk like that. You can’t think like that.”

I mean you can, I am not going to judge myself too but I allow the fact that I’ve said what I said or that I felt what I felt, but then I say, maybe you need to dig deeper and find out what’s really at the issue, what the core of this and work to transmute that energy into an understanding and acceptance of other people’s opinions or actions and love has to prevail and finding my way through the maze of obstacles that are presented to me every single day to love. To love all of the things that come into my life and acknowledge them as gifts from the universe so that I can learn something new.

Believe me, I have learned how to dig a well of patience but I just keep digging it. I keep digging it deeper and deeper because I’ll catch myself and be like, “Oh my well of patience is not deep enough.” So I have learned so many lessons over the years and I am still learning them every single day. My husband will catch me and say, “Hmm I am not really sure you’re flowing in the path of intention right now,” and of course that makes me angry when he says that to me right off the bat.

Because I’m like, “Well, who are you to… What books have you read?” But then I have to stop and say, “Oh yeah, you’re right, darn.” I am still learning. So this is something that is a journey and I appreciate all of my stumbles and all of my imperfectness, which I just stay imperfectness, which you know okay, my imperfections. See, there you go I am not perfect but I really encourage all of you to start dipping your toe into the power of intention, your power of intention.

[0:11:24.7] Start watching your thoughts and your words that you use. Be aware of your emotions because your emotions are just like a clue or an indicator of what your thoughts are. So if you’re feeling something, you need to check in with your thoughts because if it is something that doesn’t feel good to you, you need to see what you are thinking and you might be judging or lying to yourself and not being very loving to someone else or to yourself.

So check-in with that. You start by monitoring your emotions then it leads you to your thoughts and then your thoughts take you into, “Oh my I am not in the power of intention. I am not in the slip stream of intention.” I am not connected with Source right now because Source is beautiful and grateful and creative and kind and humble. It is not the lower frequency emotions and thoughts of anger or fear or sadness. It is high frequency thoughts of love and joy.

So you’ll know when you’re not in the slipstream of intention. You’ll know that you’re bringing two things that you don’t want by just monitoring your feelings but they lead you on this little crumb trail to where it is really coming from and what you are really objecting to or having a hard time with and then if you love yourself enough and you get back into your connection with Source, you’ll see that it has been presented to you this day, this moment as a gift to learn.

To become stronger, to love more, to forgive yourself and others and to create peace in your mind and your heart and to offer peace and love to others who might not know about the power of intention and they really need you to help them create an environment of love and understanding. So I say all of that like I am some kind of guru or something but I’m not and that is what I want you all to know is that I am not a guru and I don’t know all and I don’t know everything.

[0:13:44.8] I know it works in my life, which is watching my thoughts and constantly trying to shift them back towards a loving perspective because I know that when I am in that slip steam of intention, I can manifest anything I need or want in my life. My life is so amazing today because I have worked so hard every day on staying on the positive creative side of reality. I give a lot to others. I care so much about others in the world.

I am constantly working on giving back because the world gave it to me at a time that I needed it, when I was broken and I felt like I probably didn’t deserve love. I didn’t deserve forgiveness. I hadn’t been a very kind person but it did. It showed me love and forgiveness and so I then have been given those gifts to give to others.

It’s paying it forward, it’s passing it on and you’ll start to see that more and more love comes into your life, the more good things come into your life, the more goodness you put out into the world and the happier you feel. So power of intention, it is amazing and I will talk to you about it more and more because it’s one of my favorite things to talk about. It is the way that I have created the life that I have and I wish for all of you to tap into your Source, your power of creation, use the power of intention to manifest the life you want.

And I am not saying that you just snap your fingers and a genie comes out of a bottle and they do it for you. I am saying it’s work. It’s work and you stumble and people catch you. Oh my gosh, people will be like, “Hey, I thought you were always joyful and positive and happy, isn’t that what you say?” and I’ll be like, “Yeah, you’re right. I am not being that way right now,” I have to apologize to myself, to the world and then say, “Oh but I am going to be that way now.” Thank you universe for having this person say something to me about that.

[0:16:05.9] So it is a daily effort but it is such a rewarding daily effort that I want all of you to start practicing it and see what happens. You could start with a simple intention that you get that parking space that you really want or that someone offers you a cup of coffee by the end of the week. Start with something really simple and then you can start really bringing in the big ones. So yeah, there is the power of intention for you.

It’s been really hard for me to put it into words. I struggled with this podcast, with this message because there is so much more I want to tell you about this and I don’t want to take up too much of your time today and I want to talk to you about it like in manageable chunks so that you can just digest little bits at a time. It’s easier that way. So grab a Wayne Dyer book, start looking at The Power of Intention. Start watching your emotions and your thoughts.

That is the best way to get going and then, you can start to really tap into your ability to create whatever you want in your life. The universe is a creative power and we come from that. We are all creative power. So I wish you much abundance and happiness. Check in with us next You Day as we call it around here at Growise Be Well. We post a new podcast every Tuesday or You Day as we call it. Have a wonderful afternoon.


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