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Everything we do at GWBW is with the intention to empower you, support and cheer you on in your journey, and to make life more magical. We love sharing about how tools like meditation, crystals, essential oils, herbs, and acupuncture, for example, have changed our lives and we think it could help you, too, but we also realized something else.

The world of holistic health and metaphysics can be vast, vague, and daunting, especially if you’re new to the concepts or don’t have time to sift through the seemingly endless amount of resources, websites, and gurus out there. To make that world more accessible, and a holistic, sustainable, earth-friendly lifestyle practical in today’s world, we offer 13 modalities for you to explore.

Each of our 13 holistic and metaphysical modalities correspond to an icon in our Tree of Life logo. So, if you’re particularly interested in Eastern Healing Arts, for example, keep an eye out for the Pomegranate icon as  you peruse our resources and products. Or, if you resonate with the Mystical, look for the Dragonfly icon as you explore our offerings. Above all, remember, if one approach, tool, or modality doesn’t work for you, try something else!

Let us know your favorite modality and any resources, products, or tips related to that modality you’ve found helpful. After all, we’re a community here at GWBW!

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