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Product Spotlight: Affirmations for Kids


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Product Spotlight: Affirmations for Kids card deck with dialogue starters by The Salvaged Sawhorse

Everything we do here at GroWise Be Well is done with the intention of helping people step into their power so we can collectively raise the energetic frequency of humanity. In order for us to fulfill our commitment to helping others feel their best, it is important that we carefully curate and create every item we carry with the guarantee that we personally research, test, and love everything we sell. Our shop is loaded with products to help people feel their very best at any age, and occasionally we come across a product that has the entire team here at GWBW unanimously swooning. We like to highlight these exceptional items with a product spotlight.

Why Affirmations for Kids for today’s spotlight?

One of the most effective ways of raising the energetic frequency starts with raising the next generation of kind humans. This deck is geared toward children but is made with the whole family in mind. With beautiful art, positive affirmations, and thoughtful dialogue starters, this deck takes the guesswork out of enjoying positive, insightful conversations with your child.

What is an affirmation?

By definition, an affirmation is a statement said with confidence about a perceived truth. It is the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment and the method to which thoughts and intentions are able to actually affect the physical realm.

How does it work?

First, your child picks a card and repeats the affirmation out loud a few times, tapping into the positive energetic frequency the word carries and transmuting it outward. Then, turn the card over to read the dialogue-starters. Dialogue-starters range from prompts and questions to exercises, challenges, and activities. They are riddled with suggestions for adult interactivity, fun facts, as well as tips and brainstorms on ways to handle future scenarios.

Why is this important?

As parents we know the value of uplifting our children which is why we strive to reinforce positive affirmations. We remind them that they are loved, they are kind, and they are full of potential. We also know that we cannot always be there to remind them of their own self-worth at every turn so it is important to instill them with their own positive self-talk to effectively interrupt any negative self-talk. This can actually program the brain to evolve from a simple statement to hardwired belief so it is important to begin affirmations early and practice often. 

Have fun raising your and your child’s energetic frequency!

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