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Our Stance on Social Media


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Some might find it radical. Others may wonder how we market or build an audience without it. At GWBW, we've taken a stand against social media. Here's why. 

We’ve joined thousands of other companies and even more individuals to opt out of the world of social media. It’s a myth that Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms are necessary to connect with others, and a lie that these sites are simply tools without an agenda of their own.

Far beyond viral cat videos and the latest memes, social media has real-life impacts, particularly in these areas:

Mental Health ~ Social media platforms are designed to keep us scrolling and clicking. A wealth of research points to a correlation between increased social media usage and decreased mental health. For example, teens who spend 5+ hours a day on their devices are 71% more likely to commit suicide than those who spend 1 hour or less on their phones (iGen, 2017). Keep this in mind: On average, teens spend 7 hours a day on their cellphones (ABC, 2019).

Democracy ~ Disinformation and fake news spread 6x faster than facts (MIT, 2018). Social media algorithms are designed to promote engagement but do so at the risk of democracy. Content that causes outrage and political divisiveness spread quickly and keeps people clicking.

Personal Power ~ Have you ever reached for your phone to check the time and 30 minutes later, found yourself down a FB or YouTube rabbit hole? Many apps and all leading social media sites make money by selling your data and keeping you on their platform. They’re constantly vying for your attention and deploying all kinds of tricks to keep you scrolling. Imagine what you could accomplish with all that time spent on social media! We urge you to reclaim your time, attention, and energy.

For much more info, research, and how you can take action, go to www.thesocialdilemma.com.

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