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Essential Oils

Carve a Sacred 60 Seconds: Ostara & Spring Inspired Anointing Oils

By: Kayli Maffei



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We’re huge fans of Kate’s Magik. Seriously. Between sheer quality of ingredients, scents that captivate but never overpower, and the palpable loving-intention infused into every batch, Kate’s the best out there. But when we received the Anointing Oils we found that we were a bit intimidated: How many steps are involved in the anointing process? Surely you need special training or at least oversight before you’re qualified to go around anointing yourself or others. Pushing doubts aside, we divvied up some sample oils and set a date to report back with our thoughts.

Our thoughts are this: These essential oil blends are incredible! If, like team GWBW, you’re initially overwhelmed by the thought of anointing, don’t be. Swap out the word “anointing” for “mantra” and you’ve captured the essence of these beautiful blends. Engaging the whole body and multiple senses as you set your intentions really takes your manifesting powers to the next level.

These blends were specifically made to help you carve a sacred 60 seconds out of your day. Already mixed with sweet almond oil, these blends are ready to go straight on your body and are easily tossed into your purse or bag for on-the-go use.

Hold the potion bottle in your hand, close your eyes, and take a moment to center your mind and emotions on the present moment. As you open the potion bottle, repeat the mantra helpfully provided on the outside of the bottle, or better yet, come up with your own. As you focus your senses on the entrancing aroma, apply to your wrists and/or chakra points. Say your mantra once more. Send a jolt of gratitude out to the Universe, and now go about your day with love and kindness. Repeat as needed.

Ready to get started? We’re swooning over these Ostara and spring-inspired Anointing Oil blends:

Isis & Rebirth: Vanilla + Rose

A sacred transformational blend inspired by the Egyptian goddess of death and rebirth. Out with the old, in with the new! As you set your intention and inhale the aroma, generously apply 4+ times a day anywhere on the body.

Fertility & Manifestation: Orange + Patchouli

This inspirational blend brings forth fertile energy to manifest new ideas and create miracles. As you set your intention and inhale the aroma, generously apply 4+ times a day anywhere on the body, focusing on the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root chakras.

Eros & Psyche: Sandalwood + Neroli 

Inspired by mythology, this soulmate blend helps instill faith in the power of eternal love. As you set your intention and inhale the aroma, generously apply 4+ times a day anywhere on the body, focusing on the Heart, Sacral, and Third Eye chakras.

Shop these and the entire line of mantra oils here.

Kayli Maffei

Wordslinger & Chief Operations Officer

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Kayli began in 2018 as Administrator for Riverstone School, a holistic and experiential k-12 school also founded by Sarah Southwell, before transitioning to GroWise Be Well. As Wordslinger, her role is to know fancy words, scowl over grammar, and wear thick eyeglasses. In addition to crafting fine paragraphs, as COO she keeps the engine of GWBW running smoothly. 

When not reading, writing, or researching, she enjoys playing tennis, gardening, and crafting. She lives in a cabin in the woods with her cat Winston and standard poodle, Carl. Kayli specializes in the modalities of Education and Mystical. 

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