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Ostara Intention Garland Activity


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This intention-infused garland is easy to make and a beautiful tribute to the spring season.

With this turn of the year’s wheel, Spring is in the air and on the mind, as the days slowly turn warmer and the earliest signs of renewal and new growth appear. Easy to make and customize, this Ostara garland is spring decor and an intention-setting activity all in one.



  1. Collect some paint chips from your local hardware store in spring inspired colors of your choice. You can also use construction paper or card stock, if you prefer.
  2. Eggs, seeds, and fresh leaves are all symbolic of Ostara. Cut out a template in the shape of your choice.
  3. Using a permanent marker, trace around the template on the back of your paint chips. Cut out the shapes.
  4. Using a hole punch or thick embroidery needle, punch two small holes at the top of each shape. Thread your ribbon, twine, or cotton thread up the first hole and down the second hole to create the garland.
  5. Using the masking tape or small sticky notes, write one intention for each cut-out shape. Affix to the back of each shape.
  6. Hang garland somewhere you can enjoy it often. When you take down the garland, remove your intentions so it will be ready for next year.

Let your Ostara garland be a visual reminder of your intentions for the new year and know that, powered by your feelings of gratitude, the potent manifesting energy of spring is busy turning your dreams into reality, even if you can’t see them sprouting yet.

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