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Ostara Inspiration: Themes, Activities & Archetypes


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With this turn of the year’s wheel, spring is in the air and on the mind as the days slowly turn warmer and the earliest signs of new growth appears. 

The Spring Equinox, called Ostara on the pagan calendar, falls around March 20th or 21st. On this day, the sun passes over the equator as it transitions from the southern to the northern hemisphere and those near the equator experience a day with equal hours of daylight and sunlight. Marking the official start of spring, those in the northern hemisphere enjoy increased daylight hours and warming weather as the north pole tilts towards the sun. 

As restless as many of us may feel after the introspective quiet of winter, it’s still not quite a doing-time; now is the ideal season to plant the seeds, both metaphorically and literally, of what you would like to harvest this year. Ostara is a powerful time to set intentions, plot your course for the year, and to celebrate the rebirth of the sun god or archetype, along with themes of renewal, fertility, and new beginnings. So, let’s throw open the windows, do some dusting, and honor the season! 

Here are some ideas to inspire your own Ostara rituals, crafts, and celebrations. This list is by no means exhaustive, so feel free to mix and match, come up with your own themes, or do your own deep dive into the history of the special time of year. 



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