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Body Vessel

Mint Chocolate Smoothie

By: MacKenzie Brosious



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This mint chocolate smoothie is great as a snack or dessert: sweet and indulgent without excess sugar or artificial flavors. Fresh mint not only tastes great with chocolate, it is also packed with vitamins and minerals and promotes healthy digestion.

MacKenzie Brosious

Alchemist & Certified Herbalist

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Body Vessel & Herbal Arts

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MacKenzie joined GWBW in 2021 as our resident Herbalist. She spends her time working with herbal allies and their energies. In addition to making intentional plant medicine, MacKenzie is passionate about intuitive nutrition & exercise as well as spending time in nature.

MacKenzie is a Clinical & Family Herbalist, Yoga Instructor, and Therapeutic Movement Specialist. When she is not creating plant potions, you can find her riding her mountain bike, rock climbing, or simply taking a nap in the forest. MacKenzie specializes in the modalities of Herbal Arts, Mindfulness, Body Vessel, and Eastern Healing Arts.

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