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"I'm Back" Podcast Transcript

By: Sarah Southwell



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Hi, welcome back everyone, I’m your host Sarah Southwell, founder of GroWise Be Well, a holistic and inspirational lifestyle company for families of all shapes and sizes. GroWise Be Well, empowering you.

Season 3, Episode 1

“I’m Back”

Podcast Transcript

Hi everyone, it’s Sarah Southwell with groWise be Well. I’m back! I have been missing for a few months. I’m sure some of you noticed that I’ve not posted a podcast in quite a while and you know, I think I was trying to get some things sorted out with myself, with groWise be Well and wanting to really dig in deep and answer some questions that I had about the business and about myself and where it was going. I have some real clarity now and I’m ready to get going again and I am rejuvenated and refreshed and excited. 

So I’m going to be coming out to you every week. I’m so thrilled, they will probably be a little bit shorter than normal because I’m not going to plan out the topics and I’m not going to aim to have anybody to interview.

I feel like there are so many podcasts out there and their entire format is interviewing people and that’s fascinating but, frankly, I really enjoy just getting inspiration from someone. I don’t necessarily want to listen to people having a conversation that I’m not involved in. I don’t know, is that my ego? 

I don’t know but I am going to let everything flow though, and if I get the opportunity to interview someone incredible or someone that has influenced me, I will absolutely jump on that and bring that to you. Otherwise, I think I’m going to be able to reach out to you all with enough compelling conversation, thoughts, inspiration that I think it’s going to be completely worth your while just to check in on the podcast every week and see what’s going on.

It’s all going to be, probably raw and gritty and honest and you know, just real, true and so, if that’s what you’re looking for, tune back in and maybe something will inspire you or you, to pickup something like a tip or idea for a tool or a book that you might want to incorporate into your life?

On that note, I have also decided that I’m going to start coming out to you visually on TikTok. I know that’s crazy, I’m certainly not a fan of just free social media, right? I mean, just like doing it all the time, right? Like, just kind of going willy-nilly and I certainly am not going to encourage you to do that.

I really don’t want you to get lost on TikTok if you do watch me on there, just go in for the video and then get out, right? Because, I went in to try it out to see if I wanted to do it and I’m going to be really blunt here and tell you that I felt like I had drunk a fifth of vodka and watched pornography when I was done previewing TikTok but I still am choosing put my videos on there, they’re going to be very short like 30 seconds.

Some are going to be just like a, “Hey, checking in, this is what’s happening” or it’s going to be rankly, some beautiful crystals or inspirational things here setting on the ABC Acres Farm with the river in the background, with baby goats, with the beautiful spring colors. 

So, check into that, the reason why I’m choosing TikTok is because they do allow us to post on TikTok and then they will automatically send it to Instagram and Facebook and unfortunately, Instagram and Facebook will not do the opposite. I cannot record and post them on Instagram and have them go to TikTok, at least that’s the latest I have heard.

I may discover something different and change my mind but TikTok is where a lot of people are at and frankly, I have come to the conclusion that I need to reach people where they’re at. So I want to get out and talk to you all and I want to hopefully be an inspiration or maybe actually just you all saying, “Oh my gosh, okay, well, I guess I’m doing pretty good because that sounds awful.”

So anyway, just check for those videos, I’m going to be doing those, every week as well, they’re going to be super short. I’m not going to dance for you, all right? All those people that get on TikTok and do those crazy music overlays to whatever they’re doing, that’s not me. I’m just going to be authentic. 

I’m also not going to be all glamoured up. I don’t believe in that, I believe that people are real and they need to see other real people going through life and trying to live a high frequency life, a happy life, amidst all of the chaos and sometimes the disappointment and the sadness and the anger and you know, that’s not glamor, that’s just real. It’s just being a human and I really want you all to know that I am right in that boat with you and I’m not an influencer to be put on a pedestal, which is why I’ve kept from doing this for the past year for the business. I didn’t want anybody to follow me and I know that that’s like the thing, right? 

Everybody has to have followers nowadays but man, my message is, “Please don’t follow people, follow yourself” and so for a year, I tried to launch the business with this thought that you all would put yourself as the person to follow.

That you would come to GroWise Be Well and learn things and make yourselves wiser and I realized though in the past year that honestly, most people really need to hear form another human how to do that or they need to just have an example and me too. I realized, oh my gosh, all this time, I was saying how I didn’t want anyone to follow me but there are very wise people that I absolutely read their books and I follow them when I can because they are inspiring to me.

So all right, I’m going to try and be inspiring to you but I want you to always, always listen to yourself and if something that I say doesn’t jive with you, please don’t just shut me out? Hear me out and then maybe it’s not sitting well with you because it’s something – some stuff in your shadow that you need to work with and there’s a reason why you have an emotional response to thing and other times, there’s nothing to work on, you just simply disagree, which is great. I actually love when people disagree with me because I learn something. 

So I really appreciate all of you checking back in and now, I am going to actually go into my content for this podcast today. I read something, it was about a week ago and it was on an app that I used, that I have used for years and the funny thing is that I am pretty sure I have read this reading before but it never gelled with me like it did a week ago.

It had never really taken hold. I’d never really had my mind kind of like, broken open and the light shine in from the same like I did last week and so, here it goes. 

The idea, I’m going to totally paraphrase here because I’m not even going to repeat exactly what it was to you but the idea is that, you have never lived this day before so what do you want this day to be? How do you want it to go, what do you want in it? 

I just went, “Oh my gosh” you know? I was thinking about recording this podcast a couple of days ago and Monday, I was sitting there thinking, “Oh my gosh, I have lived over 2,000 Mondays in my life but I’ve never lived this Monday.” I have never lived this day. My to-do list may be very similar, my project software is the same. My team at GroWise Be Well is the same. My hair looks relatively the same as last Monday but I have never lived this Monday before. 

The clouds are different, the birds in the trees are different. Different birds are landing on different branches and it got so clear for me and my kids laugh at me now because a week later, I’ll look at them and say, “So today is Wednesday and you’ve never lived this Wednesday before” and they look at me and say, “Mom, you’re never going to let go of this, are you?” and I’m like, “No, I am never letting go of this because I’ve just found it and it’s so profound.” It means so much to me and I believe that it could mean a lot to you. 

So how I do this as I think in the morning, “Okay, I have never lived this day before. All right, okay. So, I’ve never lived this day before, what do I want in this day? Oh, I want laughter and I want love and I want lots of abundance of joy and health and wealth and opportunity and I want to smile a lot.”

“I want to talk to friends and I want to hear my children laughing and I want to eat really good food and I want to feel strong.” 

So I start to every day now, I sit down and say, “Okay, what do I want this day to be like?” and it’s interesting because I don’t know why after all these years, I have never done this before and only in the past week have I been doing this. 

When I sit down in the morning and I really design my day and I literally put my order in to the universe for that day, it happens. I have had great success with having this very child-like awe of everyday and it’s not just, “Oh, the alarm goes off, you get up, you do your routine.” Yeah, you might. Yes, that’s part of it because you’re choosing to do those things but could you possibly laugh or dance while you do those things? Is that something you want? If it is, then say, “Oh gosh, today is a whole new day, I could dance while I am making my coffee this morning” or “I could laugh several times today, big deep belly breath laughs.” 

What is it that you think, “Gosh, I wish…” I wish my day was like this and then you just dial it in like your old-fashioned radio where you are turning the knob to try and get that signal to come in even clearer and then all of a sudden, it’s crystal clear and that’s when the magic happens. 

And when you feel it in you, you’ve got this like smile from ear to ear and you’re almost super excited about your day because you’re like, “Oh my gosh, I can have all kinds of wonderful things happen today and some of you might say, “Well, what if you’re dealing with some tragedy or dealing with some illness or dealing with something that maybe you feel is insurmountable or you feel like is a heavy blanket over your day. 

Well, I can tell you that laughter and smiling and dancing and believing that your day is going to be full of magic is good for any situation. I cannot imagine a situation where having that unfettered joy in your heart and your eyes and your smile would do you harm or would be impossible because I am talking about feelings. 

I am not talking about, “Oh, I want a pony and it’s going to arrive at my door” to I mean, you can definitely work on that in your manifestation journal, right? I mean, if you want that. I’m talking about realizing that every day you have the opportunity to decide what kind of energy, what kind of emotion you’re going to bring to it. What kind of emotion and energy do you want from it? How do you want to feel that day? You still have to put on clothes and go to work, you still have to deal with maybe someone who is not very nice but oh well, that doesn’t dictate your day. What you want from it makes your day, how you want to respond and when you put in that recipe or that order in the morning, you get it. 

So I always say to my husband, who I must admit tends to be the glass is half empty kind of person and I am the glass is half full kind of person, so we’re good for each other but we definitely also rub one another sometimes too because he’ll say for instance last night driving home from baseball, “Oh should I take the back way or the highway?” 

I said, “Oh gosh, I love going the back way” especially in the evening when the evening light is just kind of coming down behind the mountains and the fields are just as rich green and you see all these animals and I really like that but there is road construction on the back road and he says, “Well, what if I get behind somebody that’s driving ten miles an hour?” 

I mean, yeah, it is just going to be miserable and I chuckle and I say, “I have never gotten behind anyone who is driving ten miles per hour on this back road.” The construction is done by that time of day and yes, there are some loose gravel places but I’ve never run into somebody who’s driving that slow before. 

He says, “Oh well” he goes, “I did last time” and I said, “Oh, okay. Well then, take the highway” because you are now telling the universe that you are going to get behind somebody driving ten miles an hour on the back road on the way home and you’re going to be miserable, so you’ve kind of dialed that in. So take the highway. 

Well, he took the back way and we got behind somebody driving super slow and I’m chuckling, right? Because I know that what you send out to the universe you get back, I know that without a doubt. I just simply do not doubt that and that goes for every moment of your day. 

So even something as simple as being all kind of grumpy and saying, “Well, I don’t know…” well, you’ve just now put out to the universe that you’re pretty sure it’s going to go poorly. You’re pretty sure it’s not going to work out the way you really wish it was. Instead of just, wow, you could just say, “Yeah, I love going the back way too, it’s beautiful this time of night. Let’s do it” right? Expecting it to go great. 

So this kind of idea that you’ve never lived this day before is of course a very old concept and lots of people have repeated this in lots of different ways. Eckhart Tolle being one that comes to mind directly with The Power of Now. When you are in the present moment, there is no past and there is no future. It is pure bliss and it’s pure connection with energetic force. It is where you create, it is where you manifest. Taking the time out every morning to get into your power of now and say, “Oh this day, this day, this day is going to be amazing” it is amazing. Right now, it is going to be full of laughter and I’m going to have fun and I’m going to help somebody today and I’m going to help them feel better and I am going to feel great and I’m going to be strong, you dial it in. Dial it in. 

I even in my mind imagine that old fashioned radio, that car radio, that old-timey car radio where you’re just moving that dial on the FM channel and you’re just trying to get that red line to line up just right with that signal and making it crystal clear. 

So I invite all of you, I know this is probably a little bit longer podcast that what, I don’t know, maybe it wasn’t longer than what I normally do but it is probably longer than where I’m going to go in the future because of that intro kind of explaining where I’ve been and where I’m going to go. 

So I look forward to the videos that I am going to post and I look forward to being more of a voice and a face of GroWise Be Well so you can get to know me. GroWise Be Well is not just a holistically metaphysical lifestyle company, it is my dream and it’s me. It’s really everything I’ve learned so far in my life. 

So many people I talk to, they want to hear some of those stories because I’ve gone through things and I have learned things and I continue to put myself in a position to learn and to go through even more growth because, well, part of me likes pain but because I really want to get wiser and I want to share that with people so that all of you don’t have to go through all the things I’ve gone through. That you don’t have to read every page of every book or try every product. Let me be the freak that does that and just glean what you can from me and do the rest yourself. 

So love to all of you, make your day exactly what you want it to. You have never lived this day before. All right, bye everybody. Take care. 

Thank you again for tuning in. If you’ve missed any of the previous podcasts or just want to listen to some of them over and over again, which I hope you do, please go to our website, they’re all there for you and so easy to listen to from that platform, gwbw.com, www.gwbw.com. GroWise Be Well, empowering you to live your best life.

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“Oh Captain, my Captain!” Sarah is the Founder and CEO. GWBW is born out of her lifelong interest in the metaphysical, passion for helping people grow in their spiritual journey, as well as her desire as a mother to pass on a holistic lifestyle to her children.

Sarah is an energy healer, Reiki master, multidimensional warrior, and teacher of experiential transformation and healing. Alchemist of intuition, energy, and ancient forces, she is excited to share her life’s journey and expertise to support you as you connect to your power. She has created an oasis for mystical beings and multidimensional travel through the construction of a manifestation portal on her family farm in Montana. Her path is to help raise the energetic frequency of humanity and adore her three boys. She loves her husband, chocolate, drinking coffee, and her Nubian goats (not necessarily in that order).

Note: As a thought leader and experienced entrepreneur in holistic education, non-GMO and gluten/dairy-free nutrition, as well as alternative medicine, herbs, essential oils, and other metaphysical modalities, Sarah offers 1-on-1 consultations to help you and/or your family activate your ultimate potential. Consultations are by appointment only. Rates begin at $100/hour. To schedule, email hello@gwbw.com.

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